“Bucharest is the city with the highest number of green buildings in the region”

Bucharest is currently leading in terms of the number of green buildings, not just in Romania, but in the entire region, said Andrei Botis, Romanian Green Building Council president, at Business Review’s Rising Cities. Smart Future conference on Wednesday. The share of green office buildings in the total stock is around 30-35 percent.

Furthermore, 95 percent of office buildings under construction are green, and not only in Bucharest, but also in Cluj, Timisoara or Iasi, cities where the number of green buildings is growing.

“For smart cities we need strategic planning and long-term commitments. Looking at European best practices, we may take on urban strategic planning – currently all 6 city halls of Bucharest are having public debates regarding general urban plans which they should have had 10 years ago. But it’s good that we’re at least talking about it now,” says Andrei Botis.

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